Social Relationship of Interethnic Fisherman Communities in Their Socio-Economic Aspect at Lebak District, Banten Province, Indonesia


As a community, fishermen have both similarity and dissimilarity. They, for example, have the same activity which is fishing. On the other hand, as a member of community who comes from different geographical places, they definitely have different culture. This difference has an impact to their socio-economic life. The site of the study is at Panimbang Sub-District, Lebak District, Banten Province. This study used qualitative method. There were three data collection techniques used, which were participatory observation, interview, and observation. The subject of this study was fishermen from Java and Bugis ethnic.The result of the study shows that social relationship between Bugis and Java fisherman communities at Muara Village was done through religious and rituals activities, interethnic marriage, and kinship relation. Meanwhile, in economic aspect, social relationship was done through the establishment of Multi Business Coperative, fish auction, and Binuangen Market which is located in the border of Muara Village and fish auction.

Keywords: fisherman, community, social relationship, interethnic

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